survey by the Danish Unitos think-tank (referenced in the Jutland Post) has shown that more than half of young men with African or Middle Eastern backgrounds living in Denmark have committed a crime before age 30.

The figures refer to crimes that have been punished by law, not those that migrants haven’t been convicted of.

Minor crimes haven’t been included either. The penalties were either fine or imprisonment for vandalism, theft, burglary, violence or robbery. Only men born between 1985-1987 who’ve lived in Denmark since the age of 14 were subjects of the study.

The countries origin with the highest rank of criminal records before age 30 are:

  • Kuwait – 70%
  • Somali – 62 %
  • Lebanese/Palestinian – 60 %
  • Moroccan – 54 %

In comparison, only 18% of original Danish men under 30 have been punished for similar crimes.

While we can’t say for sure, it’s quite possible that many of the men who were convicted of these crimes had Islamic backgrounds and came from Muslim countries.

It is a well-known fact, that Western and North European countries refuse to keep a record of the criminal’s religion. This helps to hide the fact that most cases of rape grooming are carried out by gangs of Muslim migrants. This is not happening exclusively in Great Britain but also across Europe’s countries with a high percentage of the Muslim population, for example in Finland.

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