Director of IOM Global Migration Data Analysis Centre bids colleagues, partners farewell


GMDAC team retreat, 2022. Photo: Jorge Galindo/IOM


The Director of IOM Global Migration Data Analysis Centre, Frank Laczko, has bade his colleagues, partners farewell as his tenure comes to an end.

Below is his farewell message.

I am writing this message as my tenure as GMDAC Director comes to an end. As I look back on my time here, I am flooded with great memories, both personal and professional, and I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your contributions and support to our work over the years.

GMDAC’s success thus far tells a story of strong partnerships and collaboration across actors as diverse in regional coverage as in thematic focus. Since 2015, GMDAC grew from a modest team of four into a family of 45, boasting 28 nationalities speaking close to 20 languages in 12 locations.

Our growth is reflected in the more than 160 publications, our various events including the International Forum on Migration Statistics, our work on data innovation, our Migration Data Portal – now receiving close to 2.2 million users per year, our knowledge management support to processes including the Global Compact for Migration, our Migration Governance Indicators tool, our Missing Migrants project, and more. I must also mention the 11 years of co-editing the Migration Policy Practice journal, produced with contributions from over 300 authors and now reaching issue #47. You can find out more about our work here.

All this work would not have been possible without you.

Since its establishment, GMDAC has thrived on a collaborative approach bringing in academia, government officials, and other voices to tackle migration data challenges together, building the capacities of – and learning from governments and other stakeholders globally. Your feedback and participation in our various events, publications and other activities have informed our programming and I am excited to see where this partnership is headed.

I hope we will remain in touch and I trust you will continue your unwavering support to my successor and our ever-growing team.




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